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Rejuvenating Signature Facial (75-minute)

Our 75-minute customized Rejuvenation Facial will leave your skin glowing—feeling refreshed and radiant!
As you enter the treatment area, you will be invited in with soft, relaxing spa sounds. Your spa wrap will be ready for you to slip into in the adjoining bathroom. Greeting you thereafter will be a heated spa table with the warmth of soft blankets and a memory foam cushion. Your back will be at ease as your legs and feet are elevated. (This relaxing environment may invite you to sneak in a quick nap!) We will begin your treatment with essential oils and steam, followed by two cleanses and two hot towel wraps. Radiance is what it is all about, so we will move right into the exfoliation process. This will slough away and remove dead, old cells from the surface of your skin—leaving your skin looking, well, radiant!This is a perfect time to replace the standard exfoliant with a gentle chemical peel (for an additional fee), which will super-charge your exfoliation, taking it to a whole new level. Clinically proven to smooth, refine and brighten skin with a unique blend of five alpha Hydroxy acids, this gentle liquid peel boosts the efficacy of serums, moisturizers and other treatments. It’s a must-have! Following your exfoliation/peel, we will transition into the part you have been waiting for: your face, neck and décolleté massage. This massage will increase the circulation in your skin, which in turn will improve the function and health of your skin. Relaxation continues as we apply a serum and mask that complements your specific skin care needs. This will be followed by a hot towel wrap to allow the active ingredients to penetrate and rejuvenate your skin. While these ingredients are working, you will receive a relaxing hand and arm massage. Moving into the Boost and Repair arena, your skin will enjoy the benefits of C-Shield Anti-Pollution Drops, packed with a powerhouse trio of 15% vitamin C, advanced anti-pollution and blue light protection for improved complexion clarity and renewed radiance. This next-level hyaluronic acid-powered hydrating serum boosts moisture levels while plumping and strengthening for refreshed, radiant skin. Moving into securing your skin's lipid barrier, we will apply eye cream and a facial moisturizer that is most suitable for your skin. This will prevent epidermal water loss, keeping your skin hydrated and looking vibrant. Last but not least is your number one anti-aging component: sunscreen! Our mineral-based sunscreen will not disrupt your hormones while keeping those UVA rays—the aging rays—from damaging your skin. I can’t wait to see you in the treatment room! It’s all about you and you are worth it!


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